Using Dry Shampoo for Fresh & Clean Hair in 3 Steps


Winter is here, and we all know that we’d all love another 5 minutes in bed on these cold and dark mornings. Some days, there’s simply not enough time to wash, condition, blow dry, and style. Fortunately, Inova’s Touch Clean & Go will give your hair a beautiful boost that’s oil-free and full of volume in a fraction of the time.

Many people are skeptical about dry shampoo. Do they really work? How does it work? How do you use it? We’ll break it down for you into 3 easy to follow steps, and you can thank us later!

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How To Treat and Manage Your Oily Hair

Many individuals face the daily trials and tribulations of oily hair. Some people were just born with it while others have developed it over time, seasonally, or by using a given hair product. However, before you try and find that perfect treatment you should be made aware of the facts. First off, oily hair is actually caused by an oily scalp. Knowing this simple fact can help you find treat your hair effectively and save you from wasting your time focusing on each greasy hair strand (when its not actually your hair that’s producing the oil). It’s also important to note that your hair type (often linked to your ethnicity) is linked to the amount of oils in your scalp. For example those with straight hair tend to get grease in their hair quickly because the straight hair quickly whisks the oil from the scalp into the hair strand. Those with curly, coarse hair have the opposite issue as their hair can often seem dry and brittle because the oil is not as easily and quickly moved throughout each hair strand. Continue reading

How To Care For Your Frizzy Hair

One thing I know everyone wants is frizz-free hair. If you don’t, lucky you, you have perfect hair and I’m sure you’re very happy with it. I suffer from wavy frizzy hair that hates humidity. Cute, right? NO! Nothing ruins my day more quickly than the rain, washing my face in the morning and getting a drop above my hairline, 2% humidity, etc. If you’re like me, you’ll benefit from the following tips:

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Bring Your Hair To Life This Summer!

essential hair ingredients

We all have the same problem — what’s good and what works when it comes to our hair? Some ingredients cause it to dry out or frizz it up while others work wonders. Here are some ingredients that you need to be using to achieve beautiful, strong and supple hair this summer that will continue to look great all year long.

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Top 10 Summer Hair Care Tips

summer-hair-careAlthough summer means beach bumming and fun in the sun, it can also bring damage to your hair. But don’t worry! There is plenty that you can do to maintain your healthy, beautiful hair by protecting yourself from UV rays and other elements from the summer weather. Follow these tips over the next few months to keep your hair healthy, shiny and guarded from damage.

Protect your head. Put a barrier between your head and the sun to keep your hair looking gorgeous. When you’re out in the sun use a hat, umbrella or scarf to shield yourself from harmful UV rays. The scalp helps retain moisture and a dry scalp means dandruff and dry locks. Sun rays can also dull color-treated hair and wind can damage hair causing breakage. Catching some shade will not only keep your hair healthy, but it will also reduce chances of skin cancer caused by overexposure in the sun. Continue reading