Top 10 Summer Hair Care Tips

summer-hair-careAlthough summer means beach bumming and fun in the sun, it can also bring damage to your hair. But don’t worry! There is plenty that you can do to maintain your healthy, beautiful hair by protecting yourself from UV rays and other elements from the summer weather. Follow these tips over the next few months to keep your hair healthy, shiny and guarded from damage.

Protect your head. Put a barrier between your head and the sun to keep your hair looking gorgeous. When you’re out in the sun use a hat, umbrella or scarf to shield yourself from harmful UV rays. The scalp helps retain moisture and a dry scalp means dandruff and dry locks. Sun rays can also dull color-treated hair and wind can damage hair causing breakage. Catching some shade will not only keep your hair healthy, but it will also reduce chances of skin cancer caused by overexposure in the sun. Continue reading

Protecting color-treated hair during summer


Summertime can leave freshly color-treated hair looking dull, dried out and damaged. UV rays break down the hair’s melanin, which is the natural pigment that brings color to your skin, hair and eyes. This is why sunshine will cause natural hair to turn light and can also lighten chemically colored hair nearly four whole shades. Dyed red hair (which is very sensitive to UV) will look brassy and orange if exposed to the sun for too long. This summer follow these tricks and do what you can to maintain your vibrant color-treated hair.

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Caring For Hair After A Keratin Treatment


Keratin treatments are a semi-permanent, conditioning hair coating that is enriched with keratin proteins. These treatments are used to help repair damaged hair and smooth locks that might be a bit unruly or frizzy. Keratin is a protein that is found naturally in hair, skin and nails. A lack of this protein makes hair porous which can cause frizz, making hair unmanageable. As it becomes depleted, due to environmental, chemical and heat damage, it is important to replenish keratin. This will basically “fill in the holes” of porous hair and will make hair smoother and easy to manage and style. After getting a hair treatment, be sure to treat your hair carefully afterward. Follow these guidelines after your keratin hair treatment to maintain the longevity and benefits.

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How Keratin Can Help Strengthen Your Hair


We all know that hair care products containing “keratin” can bring wonderful benefits. But what exactly is keratin, and how does it help?

Keratin is a protein found naturally in hair, skin and nails. It protects the external part of the strand and also works internally to help strengthen hair. Over time hair is naturally depleted of keratin from environmental factors, physical and/or chemical damage. At-home keratin-based products can help to combat frizz so you can enjoy healthier, more manageable hair. These protein infused shampoo, conditioner and styling products also help strengthen and heal your locks.

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4 Types of Hair and How To Properly Care for Them

Different types of hair need different treatment in order to maintain health and beauty. Whether your hair is naturally straight, wavy, curly, or tightly curled, follow these tips and your hair will shine bold and strong.

There are four types of hair and each deserve specific care and treatment to maintain strength, manageability and remain free of grease and buildup.

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Using Dry Shampoo for Fresh, Clean Hair in 3 Steps


Greasy, dirty hair is never a good look, but sometimes there’s simply not enough time in the day to wash, condition, blow dry, and style. Fortunately, Inova’s Touch Clean & Go will give your hair a beautiful boost that’s oil-free and full of volume in a fraction of the time.

Many people are skeptical about dry shampoo. Do they really work? How does it work? How do you use it? We’ll break it down for you into 3 easy to follow steps!

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Keratin Color Reviver System

Keratin Color Reviver System


The Future of Color Treated Hair Care is Here!
Inova Professionals brings you a new comprehensive hair care maintenance kit. This kit is a revolutionary three tiered product line that leaves your hair moist and deposits color on your hair every time you wash it. This is the only hair care line in the world featuring a shampoo that combines Sulfate Free, Keratin, and color depositing properties. Compatible with any hair, Inova Professional’s new product line also contains a keratin enriched conditioner and a hair mask to keep your color going strong for months. You worked hard to get just the right hair color- now protect it within ova Professional Keratin Color Reviver System.


SHAMPOO:image (52)
Inova Professional is bringing you the solution to your hair color maintenance problems. A Triple-Action Shampoo that is Sulfate Free, Keratin enriched, and color depositing and protecting.  Our special shampoo adds in color and keratin with each wash.  This uniquely developed Sulfate Free shampoo cleanses in a gentle way, while the color deposit ingredients eliminate hair color fading. It also touches up re-growth/roots and boosts your hair color. Color deposit is like a shot of color, reviving and enhancing color treatment, balancing out harsh brassiness and undertones, while the Keratin smoothes and shines.


image (49)




Your hair will love Inova Professional’s new conditioner, which deposits and protects color while de-tangling and de-frizzingyour hair.  It also contains hydrating Keratin protein, leaving hair glossy, shiny, touchable, and moist. Say goodbye to split ends, dryness, and dullness and say hello to lush locks and dynamic color.





MASK:image (51)
Inova Professional’s therapeutic, color-depositing mask uses advanced nano-technology to penetrate and nourish hair down to the cellular level.  It coats the follicle in color and provides a protective layer that locks in moisture, for optimal manageability and vivaciousness. Keratin protein repairs split ends and take hair from dry to rejuvenate and hydrated. It also contains Avocado Oil which adds in moisture. Safe for Highlights.