Mommy’s In Style

Who says that because you are pregnant, you can’t style? You can adopt these styles by simply shopping at your nearest stores such as Gap, Old Navy and H&M. Just don’t go crazy since after you give birth, you probably won’t wear these clothes again. Still, who knew they carried such nice maternity attire? Huh!

Kim’s BLONDE?!

BROWN TO BLONDEThe gossip media is going crazy about Kim Kardashian’s new blonde hair! Kim is a beautiful girl and although she’s still beautiful, I’m not really feeling this new blonde look for her. She tried to go from a beautiful brunette to a blonde bombshell and although she’s still a bombshell, blonde just isn’t her. You know what they say, not everyone is meant to be a blonde.

Pony Up

A bubble pony is a great way to put up your hair during high humidity, while looking super chic.  This daring look is quite easy to style: (1) create a ponytail (2) tease the entire hair of the ponytail with a rattail comb (3) wrap another elastic every 3 inches down (4) fluff the hair out inbetween the elastics for poufy bubbles.  This jazzed out ponytail is made to impress!

Rad Teens

Since the new school year is just around the corner, why not return back while making a unique statement with color!  You can wear this style with contrasting short and long angular layers.  If the colors aren’t loud enough for you, crimp the hair for texture.  Use gel to create spikes and mousse for volume.  Even guys can rock this bright color scene!

Let Your Hair Lift Off

Hair reaches new heights at runways with teased styles.  Hair defies gravity!  To achieve this “mega volume”, back comb (against your hair’s natural growth direction) and use lightweight styling products to seal in this look.  This is the perfect look for those with fine hair- sexy, textured full updos!

Boy Short

BLONDE BOY CUTShort is definitely a trend, but are you willing to go this short? This is a daring cut, but it’s very easy to maintain when it’s this short. No need to worry about having to deal with hair that gets knotted and can be difficult to manage. Just make sure that you are 100% with this decision, because this is a big step to take with your hair.

Katy’s Color Wonder

Katy Perry Hair ColorThese last couple of months Katy Perry has had so many different colors. After starting off with basic black hair she added some flair with multi-colored streaks. She then shared her ginger hair dying experience on Twitter and stated that she hated it! Lastly, she must have been inspired by her character “Smurfette” because her next step was dying her hair blonde. She looks great with all these colors. Which is your favorite the firework colors with her black hair, her carrot-head ginger hair, or her blonde bombshell look?