How To Care For Straight Hair by Renessta Olds

Caring for naturally straight or processed straight hair can appear especially difficult in the winter months due to extreme, cold temperatures but these few tricks are sure to keep your locks lustrous and healthy through the season!

Most women’s major hair concerns are that their hair tends to be very dry in the winter. Another major concern is that their hair also feels more brittle and coarser during the winter months as well. Last but not least women are reporting that their hair is shedding while they comb or brush it.

I have compiled a lis t of do’s to keep your straight hair done! These do’s can be utilized for both naturally straight and relaxed straight hair. I also have recommendations for hair products that can be used for women with naturally straight hair and women with processed straight hair.

Step 1 – Keep your hair moisturized. Find a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that is targeted for your hair type and texture. Silk Keratin Smooth Hydration Conditioner is infused with silk protein and keratin to add the moisture back to your lifeless hair. This product retails at $26 and is available at here.

Step 2 – Wearing hats keeps your head warm but if they are not lined (nylon, silk, etc.) will also cut your hair causing it to become damaged. Also, make sure you tie your head up at night when you go to bed. A silk scarf will work just fine. A great product to try is Silk Keratin – The Miracle Mask. It can be used as a heat protector while thermal styling your hair. It retails at $48 and can be purchased here.

Step 3 – Keep your ends trimmed. Licensed hair stylists recommend getting your ends clipped every 4-6 weeks to stimulate growth. The average healthy women’s hair grows 6 inches a year.

Just follow my advice and you are sure to emerge this summer with a gorgeous mane!

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