How To Treat and Manage Your Oily Hair

Many individuals face the daily trials and tribulations of oily hair. Some people were just born with it while others have developed it over time, seasonally, or by using a given hair product. However, before you try and find that perfect treatment you should be made aware of the facts. First off, oily hair is actually caused by an oily scalp. Knowing this simple fact can help you find treat your hair effectively and save you from wasting your time focusing on each greasy hair strand (when its not actually your hair that’s producing the oil). It’s also important to note that your hair type (often linked to your ethnicity) is linked to the amount of oils in your scalp. For example those with straight hair tend to get grease in their hair quickly because the straight hair quickly whisks the oil from the scalp into the hair strand. Those with curly, coarse hair have the opposite issue as their hair can often seem dry and brittle because the oil is not as easily and quickly moved throughout each hair strand. Continue reading

Simple At-Home Shampoo Recipes

Every hair type is different and has different needs. There are a million shampoos on the market but what I bet you didn’t know is that there are a few easy at-home recipes to help you make your specific hair type stand out. Many of these ingredients used in the recipes below are inexpensive and will most likely be found in your or your neighbor’s pantry. Continue reading

Do You Really Need to Splurge On That Professional Hair Product?

It’s a tricky question but the answer is simply, it depends. The fancy hair products your hair salon gives you generally are developed from higher quality products than those inexpensive ones you find in your grocery store aisle. These products are intended to leave you feeling pampered. They are packaged well, smell good, and make your hair feel smoother. When it comes to salon products it’s about not only selling you healthier hair but an experience. Continue reading

What you never knew about shampoo

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. You’ve read the bottle, but how much do you really know about shampoo?

What is shampoo?
The agents in shampoo that clean your hair are called surfactants. This is a fancy word for a type of detergent containing small molecules that attract both oil and water. As the shampoo is mixed with water in your tub or shower, and applied to your hair, a lather results. Continue reading