I absolutely love the Miracle Mask.  My hair used to be damaged and very hard, now it feels silky smooth and is no longer damaged. I recommend this product to anyone suffering with damaged hair and can find no cure.
Abby, California

The sulfate free shampoo and hydration conditioner works wonders on my hair.  My hair has been dyed many times and every time I would use ordinary shampoo and conditioner it would wash out my color and wouldn’t leave it smooth and soft.  Now that I’ve been using Inova’s products, I no longer have those problems.
Cynthia, New York 

Inova Professional’s 24 Hour Gold Keratin Treatment has been the best product I’ve used to perform a treatment. It leaves my clients’ hair silky smooth and mostly straight and leaves them loving the results.  I wouldn’t use any other company now that I’ve tried this.
Barbara, Louisiana

The Sheer Magic balm is one of my all-time favorite products.  It takes away all my frizz and makes all my hair styles last throughout the day without drooping and it keeps the frizz away all day.
Sandra, New Jersey

The Revitalizing Booster is definitely a great post keratin treatment product and a great money maker.  Not only would it ensure that my clients’ treatments last longer, but it keeps them coming back every month for each mini treatment which is great for them, but even better business for me.
Tony, Florida

This is the closest I’ve been to having “normal,” pretty hair in my life…I am so happy with how silky and well-behaved my hair has become from Inova Professional products.”
Nicole, Blogger (www.nicolereviewsbeauty.com)

…my hair has never looked better or more healthy.”
Erin, Face Design Studios (www.facedesignstudio.blogspot.com)

…my hair became so incredibly, soft, shiny and manageable without ruining the natural waves in my hair. People with any type of hair can use these products.
Anne-Marie, Blogger (www.beautybooklove.com)

First of all, can I say WOW!?!
Samantha, Blogger (www.ksquaredglamour.org)

Each of these products works wonders, but together they create shiny, strong, healthy and beautiful hair.
Allison Croce, Beauty Editor (whatshaute.com)

The main ingredients of the line include keratin and collagen that naturally soften, smooth and add shine while maintaining the health, strength and flexibility of the hair.
Yvette Caslin, Writer for www.RollingOut.com

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