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Building a solid, stable website starts with a reliable platform, and we have used two of the best in the design and development of this site.  For the eCommerce platform, we have used Magento, an industry leader in the eCommerce market.  Magento is free and open source, and can be downloaded at

Additional functionality is handled by WordPress, another industry leader in the Content Management System space.  WordPress is also free and open source and available at


A stable and secure website is needed to give site owners and users confidence in the ability to handle and maintain data without loss or theft. Robust security is a multi-layered approach.  We implement strong passwords at all levels, from admin functions to server and database access.  We keep the system updated with the most current versions and implement all of the latest security patches and releases.


Royal Deer Design, a New York City based web design agency, is responsible for the design, development and ongoing maintenance of this website.  All questions, comments and inquiries should be sent directly to Royal Deer at


This site is the exclusive property of the website owner, and as such, the content of this site, which encompasses all data, including graphics, video, audio, photos, logos, gifs and text, are owned outright by the site owners, or permission has been granted for use.